On the Road Again

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Carolyn was recently on the road again, teaching and lecturing at Thimbles quilt shop in Lockport, Illinois. Here's her report, just in!

What a great time I had in Lockport - the ladies were wonderful!

I met Jane and Tammy many years ago in an elevator at a hotel in Houston, TX. I will never forget meeting them….Jane came up to me and asked if she could touch me. That had never happened before!! She is officially known as my “stalker”. You will never meet two shop owners that have as much fun as Jane and Tammy.

Their shop is located in an old mercantile building that was built in 1870. The main floor has the original shelving from the 1870’s. There is an old freight elevator that takes the sewing machines up to the second floor that they have renovated. The original oak floors are beautiful! Along with a beautiful building they have a wonderful selection of fabrics.

If you are in the Chicago area be sure and stop by and see them….tell Jane that I sent you.

- Carolyn -

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